I just want my ears pierced and my dad will not let me...?

Answer hmm its just your ears, wow id hate for him to meat me(lip, tounge and ears all pierced) but just tell him its YOUR ears its not that big of a deal, omg a little hole in ur ear that can close up ea... Read More »

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I want to get my ears pierced but im scared , does it hurt ?

No just a slight pinch and its done. Not real pain!x

I want 2 get my ears pierced really bad!! does it hurt?

Just a little, it's like a little sting, you can do it!

Alright, so im 15 and i've been thinkin about gettin my ears pierced, i was just wondering if it hurts?

No worse than a mosquito bite. Little sting but that is it if you go to a GOOD studio.

I am 10 almost 11 and I want to know if it hurts when you get your ears pierced an Claire's. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?

Sweety, it feels like someone pinched your earlobe. nope not at all really. it is all inyour head!!! dont be scared and it wont be bad at all.