I just updated my anti-virus program and now it's detecting viruses in multiple programs. What's going on?

Answer Don't freak out yet.This is happening to everybody who was pushed the new iAVS update for Avast! You can't even get on their forums right now because of the volume, but if you browse other compute... Read More »

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What is a good free anti virus program for my pc that can get rid of some small viruses?

Microsoft Security Essentials…

Can you have multiple anti-virus programs on one machine safely?

Most experts recommend against running multiple anti-virus programs on one computer, as they can cause serious problems when they interact. For extra protection, you can install two anti-virus prog... Read More »

Are the most popular anti-virus software programs ALMOST as invasive as the viruses they, designed to protect?

As far as most tech-oriented people go, Norton and McAfee are usually at the bottom of the food chain. Probably because they cost some absurd amount for something you can download for free (Avira, ... Read More »

Can I purchase online through my laptop if the anti virus is currently not updated?

Would suggest you go to a local computer center / store and purchase a new boxed install for Internet Security, but yes you can order and download it online.I use Norton Internet Security 2012 with... Read More »