I just turned on my computer and it's making long beeping sounds.?

Answer if that is a desktop pc, check on the connections. if it wouldn't work still, open the CPU and look for the memory...the long slender hardware with lots of microchips on it. try to eject and put it... Read More »

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Printer is making sounds when turned off. What is the problem?

don't worry.... it's true I can't hear the sound but it's most probably cleaning the inkers head...... if you've recently bought it don't panic and give yourself some time to learn your printer's a... Read More »

Will a computer explode if turned on too long?

no it will not the insides will melt and shortcircuit the thing leave you with a smoky mess that will not work but it will not blow up

Does audio sync means the video is making blurry sounds along with the regular video sounds?

No it means the audio is in time with the video.If you have sync problems then your picture and audio are out of sync.

Why is my mains wired smoke alarm making a beeping noise once in a while and how can i stop it?