I just took a two hour dump?

Answer oh MY!

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Just took acid for the first time an hour ago, yet I don't feel anything. Why?

If its six o'clock in the morning in Colorado what time would it be in San Francisco if you took a hour flight?

Six o'clock in the morning. CA is one hour behind. If you take off in CO at 6:00, it's 5:00 in CA. One hour later would be 6:00. However, note that the actual flight takes about 2.5 hours.

A plumber charges £500 for a simple fix that took 1 hour 15 minutes! Is this even legal?

the greedy unprofessional b@stard. Even Dick Turpin wore a mask. Like others have said, in future, get a quote 1st of several plummers or ask the price before they start and ask them to inform you ... Read More »

I just took 6 ibuprofens....?

It could cause internal bleeding, I've nverseen more than 800mg given at one time. Why did you do it? If you were in pain, and normal doses aren't helping, you need to see someone about it. If y... Read More »