I just took a laxative?

Answer It makes you have a BM easier than if you didn't take one...

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I bought these pills online that promised to restore my virginity, but they were just a strong laxative...?

I think you have a strong case for a lawsuit! based on "what you lose, you always gain" eh:) :D

I just took 7000 mg...?

Your Liver and AcetaminophenThe Negative Effects on Our Most Vital Organ~ by Jo JordanAccording to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), over two thousand new chemicals are introduced into our li... Read More »

I just took 6 ibuprofens....?

It could cause internal bleeding, I've nverseen more than 800mg given at one time. Why did you do it? If you were in pain, and normal doses aren't helping, you need to see someone about it. If y... Read More »

I just took a two hour dump?