I just swallowed 45 red fighter ants and i'm in extreme pain?

Answer It is more a reaction to the ants. The stomach acids will kill them immediately

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My mother is suffering from extreme pain due to cancer. What can reduce the pain?

She's on maximum dosage of what? Aspirin? Codeine? Morphine?Where does it hurt?What is the treatment? I hope it's not some quackery.The more you can tell us, the more we can suggest.

I swallowed my engagement ring. Im in pain what should I do?

I have extreme pain in my arm!?

i have the same problem as youand it happened almost a year agoI had MRI and even a bone scan done to see if it was any kind of tear, or hairline cracki went to an orthopedic doctor and he couldn't... Read More »

What causes extreme chest pain?

I get this to, also along with my fibro and when it is doormat. Anxiety, which usually goes in hand with fibro, can also cause this. I have very low blood pressure as well, and they do not attach... Read More »