I just survived dental work, can you compliment me?

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Hey everyone! I just survived dental work, will you compliment me?

Hellz yea!(que in Queen,we are the champions)roll out the red carpet! (you're Que to walk down the red carpet: wave and smile with your temporary swollen smile like you are under the best laughing... Read More »

What is the advanage of having any dental work done at at dental medical school vs going to a dentist?

Much cheaper especially if you have no dental insurance. University of Maryland had a wonderful dental school and my cousin had extensive work done there that she wouldn't have been able to afford... Read More »

Do all dental assistants also work as a receptionist at the dental office?

I went to school for dental assisting, also. In my class, the teacher touched on a bit of everything from front desk and insurance to impressions and sterilization. Some offices have assistants who... Read More »

Are There Dental Schools That Do Free Dental Work?

Taking care of your teeth and gums is one aspect of good dental care. The prevention and treatment of oral problems and diseases is part of taking care of your overall health. Schools of dentistry ... Read More »