I just stabbed i go to the hospital?

Answer going to the hospital would be a waste of time and money, if it is just a little cut, just rinse it off with hot water, than find some medication, like neosporin, get a bandage, this will prevent t... Read More »

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I have just gotten stabbed in the stomach, I'm bleeding all over, what do I do?

Let the blood drain into a bucket.....periodically drink it so you don't lose all your blood and die.This is the latest in health emergencies......don't forget to salute ! ! !

I just stabbed myself in the foot !!! 1 inch DEEP!!! WILL I LIVE?

Take two aspirins and get plenty of bed rest . . .

Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?

You can wait till tomorrow. You have a fever with MRSA & I think you ache all over too. I don't think bump on your arm has to do with your other symptoms. You may be getting a cold. Try to be s... Read More »

I just shot myself in the leg. Should I go to the hospital?

It depends, are you bleeding? If this is a serious questions, certainly, you should seek medical attention.