I just slept for 15 hours. Why am I still tired?

Answer Ive heard over sleeping makes you more tired. Ive also heard that it could be if you dont eat right.. im not sure though.

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Why am I so tired Slept for 18 hours?

my mom gets like that when shes low on iron, or depressed or just very tired for a few days.....yeah talk to your docotor :)--------- stop the jogging untill you figure out whats wrong.

How come sometimes I’m tired, and then suddenly I’m not anymore (without having slept)?

Maybe that your watching or doing something that keeps you awake .. I feel the same at about 11pm and then think its daytime .. I have been told gaming is the most addictive and sleep awakening thi... Read More »

Not slept in the past 48hours, but don't feel tired?

Sometimes your body will be tired but your brain won't recognize it so you should at least try and sleep or get some rest. If you can't sleep at all, then call your doctor.

I slept for 16 hours!?

its because you're allowing your body to have to much sleep. this may not make sense, but when you let you're body get too much sleep it will result in making you even more tired and it'll keep wan... Read More »