I just reseted my dell optiplex GX280, and my internet isn't working?

Answer if you installed xp yourself from a microsoft disk then it wont workif you installed a dell recovery disk then it should be workingif you used a xp install cd do thisdownload ALL the separate dell ... Read More »

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What is the Dell Optiplex GX280 power supply part number?

The Dell Optilex GX280 tower comes with 250- and 310-watt power supplies manufactured by StarTech. Due to the Optilex's age, only an upgraded 350 watt version is now available. Its part number is "... Read More »

My dell charger isnt working?

replace it. There is no other working options.

My internet isnt working on my ipod, HELP?

When mine does not work I go to settings and then go to wifi and then click on your wifi and then click forget network then retype in the password

My internet connection isnt working?

be nice if we knew which operating system you are using and which browser or even the computer brand and model. but since we can't read minds, go ahead and hold the power button in for 5 seconds.