I just realized something?

Answer yeah I'd die without my Josiah Leming fix ..his songs are so good

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I just realized something R&P....?

Congratulations and thanks for all your great contributions to R&P!MA: I Can't Quit You Baby - Led ZeppelinBA: Since November 22, 2008

Has anyone else realized that, apparently, all you need to do is have a baby to become an OB/Gyn?

LoL Yes! My BF's mom (in her 60's) has told me that wearing high heels causes miscarriages ( not the fact you are more off balance when pregnant and could fall and hurt baby BUT rather wearing them... Read More »

If it has been a few days after i realized i was bitten, i should be okay, right?

yea, if doesn't get worse. it is most likely a spider bite. i get them a lot. the problem with spider bites is you don't know until a few days after. it will stay a small red bump for at least a we... Read More »

What do mutual funds really do with realized returns?

What mutual funds do with the securities in a fund is strictly controlled by the Investment Company Act of 1940 and other laws. A fund must follow the regulations in regards to any realized gains i... Read More »