I just quit cigarettes and feel funny!?

Answer Read Alan Carr's easyway to quit smoking, it's brilliant. He suggests that you should imagine that nicotine is like a little beast in your stomach, and for the first three days, that beast will do ... Read More »

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Should i go buy some cigarettes or quit?

How do I quit after 13 yrs. CIGARETTES.?

I quit after 15 years of heavy smoking. I was smoking 2 and sometimes 3 packs a day. I never wanted to stop until I was turning 30 and realized I had been smoking continuously for half my life. ... Read More »

Should i quit smoking cigarettes?

You should try to quit now. You've only been smoking two years, and it doesn't get any easier. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to stop. It takes 20 years for the tar of one cigarette to ... Read More »

Any tips on how to quit cigarettes?

First off, congratulations on your attempt to quit.Some people are able to quit literally from one day to the next, with no "assistance" from patches and the like. Others who are deeply addicted to... Read More »