I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?

Answer Your forehead is backed up by your skull so you'll probably be fine. You're going to have a nice goose egg and maybe a pretty bruise though.If you are really concerned these are the immediate sign... Read More »

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Have you ever punched your self in the face?

no but i have banged my head against the wall so i would get concussion. i went to hospital that nigt and didnt have to go to school the next day ewhich had been my objective.

What is a punched rivet?

A punched rivet is a special type of fastener that is used commonly to fasten two metal surfaces. Generally, the surface of a punched rivet is flush with the surface around it because the rivet is ... Read More »

Can you die from getting punched in the throat?

No unless the fist comes out the other side... (Yeah right)

HELP i got punched in the eye yesterday!?

Did the person even apologize?No comment on the eye. But b-ball players can be real a$$holes. I've been punched twice for doing nothing but being a good guard.