I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?

Answer Your forehead is backed up by your skull so you'll probably be fine. You're going to have a nice goose egg and maybe a pretty bruise though.If you are really concerned these are the immediate sign... Read More »

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I just shot myself in the leg. Should I go to the hospital?

It depends, are you bleeding? If this is a serious questions, certainly, you should seek medical attention.

I just slipped and sprained my groin, it is all swollen down there, what should I do to help myself heal?

warm breath.... soothing..... a little licking.... balls across the nose for me..... are you feeling better?NO ICE

I just kicked my computer, and punched it. Is it damaged?

I really wouldn't do that again. Maybe take an anger management class also ;o)

Just got punched in the lower back and theres a weird pain?

It's probably not serious but you should go to the hospital and get it checked if you're experiencing pain. With backs, it's better to be safe than sorry.