I just puked on my keyboard?

Answer Well seeing as you already used it to type this question to us, I guess not.

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My dog just puked on the carpet. Wat do i do?

paper towels. laundry detergent and sponge.

Puked red/ orange I'm scared?

Puke comes in all different colors and chunkiness. The ER is a lot of money. Here is what I would do in your situation. First, I would probably do nothing.. because im sure there is nothing wron... Read More »

Please help me my cat puked in my living room last night?

Wow, some people are a s s h o l e s and immature f u c k t a r d s.Why don't you hire Stanley Steamers?Or use a steam vacuum..They have wonderful products at Lowe's and Home Depot for Pet.. Excrem... Read More »

I just puked what should I do, eating drinking wise.?

Did you puke because of drinking a good bit? If so, stop drinking. Just lie down and let it pass. If your stomach is upset for reasons other than alcohol consumption, then eat things like soup and ... Read More »