I just pooped out something living?

Answer Parasitic worms. See a doctor.(Nobody here can tell you which type since there are thousands)

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OMG!! Helpppp!!! I just pooped myself!!!!!!?

Just take everything off from the waist down, and sit under your desk during the interview and dont get up LOL

I pooped a tiny bit of blood?

the pain and the blood could indicate 2 things.1, a fissure, which is a tear, will cause a sharp pain like something is stuck or cut, it's not serious but may keep tearing if you have hard stools (... Read More »

I haven't pooped in a week?

You don't need any laxatives or health need a Fleet enema ...right now. ASAP.If you don't have a mama for advice, you need one. Go get a Fleet Enema are cheap and easy an... Read More »

I haven't pooped in almost 2 weeks, is that bad?

Yes it is.....Drink TONS of water...Go get some prune it or not!...and drink a large glass.(there's a BRAT diet....banana's, (something), applesauce, (something),.....see if you can f... Read More »