I just nibbled on a jalopeneo what do i do to stop the burning!?

Answer Drink Lots of Water

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How do you treat a mild burn mine just wont stop burning.?

Run cold water over the affected body part. Apply a cold pack to the area, this will help stop the burning process. Take ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation and for pain relief. DO NOT apply ... Read More »

My member got maced by the postal delivery lady just 5 minutes can I stop the burning?

Come here, I'll kiss it and make it all better.:)

What can I use to stop pepper juice from burning my hands?

Wear latex gloves. When I worked in a kitchen we wore gloves when cutting peppers. Just remember not to touch your face or eyes.

At what level does a monkfish stop burning with cooking gloves?

In the game Runescape, cooking gauntlets have almost no effect on the burn rate of monkfish, according to the Runescape strategy guide You stop burning monkfish at about a cooking level of ... Read More »