I just nibbled on a jalopeneo what do i do to stop the burning!?

Answer Drink Lots of Water

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How to Stop a Car From Burning Oil?

A car burns oil for several reasons. The problem usually occurs with older cars that have a lot of miles on them, when the engine has endured much wear and tear. There may be a leak around the valv... Read More »

How to get a scrape to stop burning !!!?

Clean the burn, use some peroxide or rubbing alcohol on it, put on some antibacterial cream to the area, benadryl will help and you can also try cold cream on like the ones girls use for make up, i... Read More »

How do you stop sperm from burning your eye?

why was it in that direction in the first place

When will my scrape stop burning?

Yes, it will stop burning. Clean it well, apply some antibiotic ointment and a dressing. Remove the dressing and leave it open to air the next day, but still apply antibiotic ointment.You will be... Read More »