I just moved in the apartment. the bathroom is all pink:tiles, toilet, sink. what color rug is good with pink?

Answer The only choice is a variegated gray....

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In an ADA bathroom, how far away from the toilet does the sink have to be?

For ADA-compliant bathrooms, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that a sink not impede the turning area for wheelchairs, which is a 60-inch radius or a T-shaped turning area with 36... Read More »

Why does my toilet fill up when I use the bathroom sink?

try a little vinegar and baking soda in the drains allow to bubble then follow with boiling water or get a plunger and plunge the sink drain you have a build up of hair in the pipes take a plunger... Read More »

When piping in a bathroom with sink drain toilet and shower where do you locate the vent?

The vertical vent should be at/near the closet bend. In any case, no connection to the vertical line should be more than five (5) feet (1.5 meters) from the vent for a 1.25" connection - most commo... Read More »

If I just moved into an apartment an they have bed bugs an admitted to you that they were there before you moved in will your renters insurance cover your furniture?

Insurance policies generally exclude animal and insect infestation. If there were a policy that covered that, it would be for the damage that the animals or insects cause. In your situation, it doe... Read More »