I just made this video on youtube?

Answer Hey, I watched, commented and rated =]Your really pretty btw =]

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I just made the most awesome video on YouTube?

You will need to mention it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and your website.You will need to develop a relationship with other producers who make similar videos on YouTube. Make thoughtful comme... Read More »

There's supposed to be this video of my dad on youtube huffing, and I wanted to see just how he was acting?

On a serious note, my friend actually has a severe BRAIN INJURY from huffing at the age of 12, now in her 30s. No type of inhalant is safer than the next. Hoping that your dad will decide to ** r... Read More »

As a viewer what do you think of this YouTube video (just spent $700 on a camera so I know a bit about vids)?

Every time I try to download a youtube video, it automatically just pauses. Why does this keep happening?

Maybe try to use a different downloader. Here are two good websites that I like to use to download videos. Neither of them have viruses attached to them. Read More »