I just knocked my boyfriend out with the cork when opening champagne...?

Answer Not only can you, you actually should. Then, when you polish off that bottle, you should open another. That way, when he comes to you have all evidence available to convince him that he passed out ... Read More »

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How do they get the cork into champagne bottles?

Some wrong answers here...It does seem like magic that they can fit that large cork in aChampagne bottle, but cork is an incredible material and it can be squeezed to half its size without distorti... Read More »

Where does the tradition of putting silver coins in a champagne cork originate?

dont know where the traditions from but i know my gran did this for each of my children when they were born and ive put them in their keepske boxes great question i will be watching Read More »

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Should I do the same with my husband just in case I got pregnant?

Sex with your husband? You must be desperate to get away with this! I don't know if it would be smart to go to the extremes, as he might start expecting that kind of thing regularly. Could you just... Read More »

Me and my boyfriend are TTC but he just had a babby with his wife?

WTF!!! He probably used a turkey baster and sucked your eggs right out of you while you were sleeping and then used the same turkey baster to put your eggs in his wife. You are for sure the mother ... Read More »