I just installed my hard drive and now I cannot get it out, what do I need to do?

Answer What the h.... ? I don't even know what to say. This is obviously a sign that you can't be trusted with hard drives.Use soap or Vaseline. Now stop sticking your hard drive in places it doesn't belong.

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Installed new hard drive and won't boot up just makes beeping noise?

when it makes the beeping sounds it ur ram, sticks have come lose, push them back in, u will have raise the white chips, or end wrong ...if this helped pass it on

I installed a new hard drive but it says there is no hard drive with XP disc.?

My internal hard drive crashed. Can I just use an external hard drive instead?

I think you could use it its just important computer files are the internal harddrive that the people put on in the factory so certain things might not work

I need help with my macbook pro 15" after i changed hard drive and was trying to reformate the hard drive.?

Not 100% sure but do not think your Mac will support 8 GB of ram memory. Go to enter the Mac info to find out max system will support, correct type memory modules for upgrade... Read More »