I just installed AVG Do Not Track?

Answer Adblock and AVG, as well as your browser, are only capable of blocking Ad pop-ups.They cannot control ads which are on a webpage or linked to the application or site you are running.

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Just installed cyanogenmod 7.2?

Theres an option in the setting to change the main storage device. If you go into settings, then cyanogenmod setting, under applications there should be a setting to swap storage something.. Its be... Read More »

Just installed Bf3 and Im having problems?

buy Call of Duty : BLACK OPS II good luck :D

Where can I buy curtains for my monitor I've just had windows installed!!?

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I just installed my hard drive and now I cannot get it out, what do I need to do?

What the h.... ? I don't even know what to say. This is obviously a sign that you can't be trusted with hard drives.Use soap or Vaseline. Now stop sticking your hard drive in places it doesn't belong.