I just heard facebook has a dislike button is this real or a scam?

Answer it's not just a scam - it's a virus that is going around. DO NOT click on anything. If someone has posted this on your page Delete itIt's been all over the press around the worldhttp://communities.... Read More »

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Do you think there should be a dislike button on Facebook?

They do have a 'report' button, like Answers does.This is a bit disturbing to me, however. The FBI has legions that watch FB, so be careful about what you post.

Why doesn't facebook have a dislike button?

Because it could lead to harassment, bullying, fights, etc. It basically would just result in a lot of negativity.

Has anyone heard of this internet scam...?

Summer, in the US the big scam is the FBI lock down and $200 fine to get out of trouble...she might try this site for a chat with their security experts and they do have an extensive list of proced... Read More »

Do you think this $150 laptop is real or a scam?

I don't think that laptop is not real and you will face lots of problems. I think can you buy a good laptop within $700- $1200. So don't take any risk.