I just have to ask this ... (minor injuries department again)?

Answer It's been a while now. I remember answering your original question.I'd pop to the doctors if I were you.You won't be wasting his time.It's not a good idea to splint it.

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I have iPhone 3G with 3.1.3. I have tried the newest redsnow before and it jailbroke just fine but when i restored and tried again it gets stuck at waiting for reboot. how do i fix this?

Millimeters is a measure of length; liters is a measure of volume. You can't convert between the two.

If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver said at the scene he was not injured and didn't appear to have any injuries how long does he have to claim injuries later?

Answer not sure about legal time line but if you report the accident immediately or even now ( if you did not) your insurance company will assist you with the information. if for no other reason t... Read More »

How to Reduce Swelling for Minor Injuries?

Frozen peas make wonderful and inexpensive ice packs.We have all suffered from a bump or two while growing up caused by our shenanigans. It possible to have a bump or swollen area develop at the im... Read More »

Here We Go Again.....Has She Really Quit This Time.....Or Just Another Publicity Stunt.......................?

Well it does say 'allegedly heard' Sue so I don't think we can take it as read! I have to agree with Sharon though Danni is a crap judge and should never have been there in the first place and nei... Read More »