I just have a question for vegetarians?

Answer For me, it's Biology 101. Humans are not 'designed' for it. I was just doing research on eating for optimum athletic performance when a teenager and eating meat immediately clogs the system. Eat... Read More »

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So i have been a member for just a week now and have a stupid question... What does BD and DH mean.?

here sweetie here it all is a-z LOL hope i didnt for get anything. Hope it helps.AF: Aunt Flo (your period)BBT: Basal Body Temperature BD: Baby dance, sexBCP: Birth Control Pills BFN: Big Fat Negat... Read More »

Hello everyone i just got a question. I had sex 9 years ago i feel fine have not been sick I have not lost a?

Go get tested if you are unsure and take a friend for support.

Just quitted smoking, but i have a question?

The human body has a remarkable way of repairing itself. Your lungs can clean themselves. Just look forward to the future of a healthy life. If you have done irreversible damage then you cant worry... Read More »

Help just got wisdom teeth pulled, I have important question!!!?

Don't mind him.. He doesnt know what he is saying (Gabe) . Yes it is normal .. you just had major tooth extractions where they may have had to cut through bone and gum and such. The most painful da... Read More »