I just had surgery 2+ hours ago. Why do I feel so good?

Answer Better hurry and give yourself a left handed strange.

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Just had corrective eye surgery (lasik) 12 hours ago, right eye not as good as left eye. Is this normal?

sometimes it takes one a little while longer, they are just like your feet, look the same but arent, give it more time babe, if you are concerned i would call the doc for sure, but the earlier you ... Read More »

I've been in the sun for 6 hours today and I don't feel good. What could it be?

You have sun poisoning:avoid the sun as much as possibleyou might want to stay home because you will feel dizzy and might get get a cold because you are now more vulnerable to viruses because the s... Read More »

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you eat a lot but some things don't sound good to you and make you feel sick by just thinking of them?

Answer Yes, but it could also be gallbladder, ulcers and any of a bunch of other problems. See a doctor.

I had surgery 7 hours ago, is this all normal?

Ya that's all regular! Just some side effects from the general anesthesia