I just had sex with my doorknob. Do i need to get tested?

Answer I boned that same doorknob right in the better get checked

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Blood presure just been tested 175 - 99 is this good/bad?

Normal BP, irrespective of age, sex and weight, should be 120/80. The reading you have given is rather high, BUT single BP readings are never taken as reliable. To ascertain if a patient actually h... Read More »

I just had sex for the first time a few hours ago. Should I be tested for STDs?

Dude! you ROCK! your first time was up the butt???? That's awesome!Don't worry about STD's they don't really exist. It's just something grownups tell younger folk to keep them abstinent.

How often does a radar gun need to be tested?

Radar guns are required to be tested and calibrated on an annual basis. Law enforcement is responsible for ensuring properly tested equipment. A ticket issued from a out-of-date radar gun may not h... Read More »

Eyes tested today - Need some help (I am 16)?

Ok longsighted is hypermetropia. It means that light from a distance focuses behind your retina and not on it. and the closer the object is the further it focuses behind the retina. Wish I could dr... Read More »