I just had a tooth pulled . . .?

Answer Someone mentioned asprin.....please do not use it, it is a blood thinner and will only make the problem worse. You should sit in a semi reclined position with an ice pack, and keep biting on the g... Read More »

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If I get a tooth pulled and get a fake tooth in that place how much will it cost on average?

Getting a tooth pulled costs anywhere from $150-$300 depending on what tooth it is and how complicated the procedure will be. Getting a fake tooth depends on what you want. A dental implant will ... Read More »

Is it normal after having a wisdom tooth pulled for your tongue to be yellow and a salty flavor and gooey feeling in the hole where the tooth was?

AnswerYes, it is possible to have a salty flavor and a gooey feeling where the tooth was extracted, but my question is ... "Why are you putting your tongue there and annoying it!" Please don't.Rins... Read More »

If a second molar tooth has been pulled can it be possible that it will be filled with a new wisdom tooth that is slowly coming in and will it slowly fill the gap?

I had my molar pulled 10 - 15 years ago and my wisdom tooth did come down and fill in the space. It is slightly slanted but I have never had any problems with it. Answer It is possible for a wisdo... Read More »

Need help after having tooth pulled?

The jaw thing is completely normal, your mouth was open for a long period of time and you will feel soreness.Try to drink lots of liquid and eat food if you can. If your throat continues to bother ... Read More »