I just had a cup of coffee, and now my head hurt , why?

Answer Head hurts if you have sleep disorder then there are tests to determine what type of sleep problems you have. Head hurts for millions of reasons, stress is largest try meditating relaxing in hot tu... Read More »

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Why do my pasta hurt when l drink water,warm coffee every time l eat something of drink they hurt?

Does coffee hurt your stomach?

Coffee is acidic,believe it or not. If you drink super strong coffee and alot of it, it can tear the stomach lining and cause ulcers or other stomach issues. You appear to be limiting your intake, ... Read More »

Will coffee grounds hurt earthworms?

On One Hand: Coffee Grounds Are NaturalAdding coffee grounds to your compost heap along with other kitchen produce waste is a convenient way to bulk up your compost bucket, and coffee grounds have ... Read More »

Does having my morning coffee hurt my diet?

No, it will not sabotage your diet. I drink coffee every day with my sweetened creamer and sometimes get coffee coolatas, and dunkachinos at least two times a week, and it hasn't hindered my weight... Read More »