I just had 2 of my top wisdom tooth extracted an hour ago...?

Answer Its really just there for the bleeding. If the bleeding stopped, you should be fine. Id just put some gauze in every half hour for as long as you can stand it, just to soak up any blood, until it s... Read More »

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Is my extracted wisdom tooth area infected?

I would definitely call your dentist! i have heard of this and it is not very common! brush your teeth and wash your mouth. you will be fine in a week or so! =) hope you feel better soon

When to chew on the side where Wisdom Tooth was extracted?

Start to chew/eat on that side when you feel no pain or discomfort on that side. As for food entering the socket, it will most likely happen even though you don't eat on that side. Just get a dispo... Read More »

Should I drink something else other than water after a wisdom tooth is extracted?

Sports drinks or juice would be good. The antibiotics are probably the cause of your diarrhea.

When you get your wisdom teeth extracted, should I be sedated or opt for just the local?

First of all you have not indicated if the teeth are total bony impactions and if there is infection involved in the surrounding tissue. Having worked for an oral surgeon for seven years.. there ar... Read More »