I just got stung by a wasp,how do i get the stinger out?

Answer Wasps don't usually leave the sting in, as bees do. It doesn't break off when they sting because it's too strong and they don't die.If you feel like your throat's swelling up you should go to the d... Read More »

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Is it possible to get stung by a bee and not have the stinger?

Sometimes the stinger will fall out by itself. But check carefully, it can also go under your skin, where you can't see it clearly.

I just got stung by a bee! I don't see a stinger, what to do?

relax, if you are allergic you will swell up like a balloon, then you can't breath, so you won't be worring long about it

If I got stung by a bee, should I take out the stinger?

Definitely! Toxin is still pumped through the stinger after you are stung. Scrap the stinger gently with your fingernail to remove it, and make sure it's intact; none left behind. Do NOT use tweeze... Read More »

I got stung by a bee, and can't find the stinger?

Its normal. If you can not find the stringer its gone. Ice and benadryl will help.