I just got some cool stuff at the Asian food market, can anyone help with some good (relatively easy) recipes?

Answer I would suggest a soup using miso, some of the seaweed pieces and tofu chunks. Of course you would need miso soup stuff. Otherwise you might be able to get away with vegetable broth (canned or ho... Read More »

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Do you know any good South Asian West Asian cuisine that's easy to prepare?

You would be looking at Persian or Iraqi foods like KooKoo-yeh Morgh Recipe with chicken, eggs, onions, saffron, and lime juice Nargesi Esfanaaj Recipe fried spinach with eggs and onions http://per... Read More »

Easy Italian Food Recipes?

Farfalle with Turkey Sausage, Peas and MushroomsRecipe courtesy Giada De LaurentiisShow: Everyday ItalianEpisode: Quick Pasta ClassicsFarfalle with Turkey Sausage, Peas and Mushrooms1/2 cup ext... Read More »

Any easy, non-messy finger food recipes you want to share?

Crudites and pita chips with hummus. Cut fruit with honey yogurt dip. Cocktail sausages on toothpicks. Cheese bites on toothpicks. Whole fruit like grapes and bananas. Anything on crackers as long ... Read More »

Are those bean cakes you get at the asian market good?

i can't think of anything american that they would taste like. the bean inside...i think you are refering to the azuki bean...that's the japanese name for it. when i think of bean cakes i think y... Read More »