I just got my ear pierced today?

Answer What applies for tomorrow also applies for today. Here is what you need to do.1. First, wash your hands thoroughly. Never touch your piercing or jewelry with dirty hands.2. Saturate a cotton ball ... Read More »

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I just got my ear pierced today--->DESCRIPTION<---?

They say 2 months but if you heal easily, you can change it sooner just make sure it doesn't cause your ear to get infected and do it quickly so it doesn't close up youll be fine

Can i get my nose pierced and belly buttton pierced at 14 with my parent in NH?

I live in New Hampshire, and I'm fourteen and I got my belly button pierced in Hudson about a month ago with my mom c: most of the places I got in touch with said you have to be sixteen or eighteen... Read More »

You are thirty four weeks and you lost your mucous plug a week ago today and you went to the doctor today and you are one cm and seventy percent effaced How much longer do you have?

the were treated bad they were bearly feed and some got some really bad dieases that killed them and the rest of them and because of that they killed the children so the disease wouldn't spread to ... Read More »

What is with the Google title today is today some sort of holiday?

Just click on the google title, its about an artist named Igor.