I just got my belly button pierced a few months ago...?

Answer With a belly button healing is going to take a long time but every person is different. There might not be any crustiness now but there will soon. Bully button usually take about 6 months to a year... Read More »

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Just got my belly button pierced about a week ago. When will the redness go away (10 POINTS)?

Any new piercing is going to be a bit painful and red for about 2 weeks after getting it done. In your case, since you tore it, it will be red a little longer. A navel piercing usually takes about ... Read More »

I got my belly button pierced...?

Okay as a big girl in the bod mod community, I think that's pretty cool, you have my respect.Just be careful, exercise does effect you're piercing, I'd stick to yoga, and only yoga. Cardio and aero... Read More »

How can i convince my mom to let me get my belly button pierced?

Do lots of research about it. Learn about the risks or where it originated from, etc. the more you know about it, the more your mom will realize your not a kid any more and you are responsible enou... Read More »

Should i get my belly button pierced ?

hmm iv done almost all my piercing myself beside my tounge so go for it, in the future u will thank me for being so sexxy with the belly button pierced