I just got my belly button pierced a few months ago...?

Answer With a belly button healing is going to take a long time but every person is different. There might not be any crustiness now but there will soon. Bully button usually take about 6 months to a year... Read More »

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How much to get your belly button pierced?

i went to pleasurable piercings in hawthorne nj. it was 35 :] . im 15 btw.

Can I still get my belly button pierced?

There are ointments to help heal the scar but its unlikely to ever heal completely. Do you really want to risk having it ripped out once again?

Should i have my belly button pierced?

Getting your belly button pierced is totally worth it, trust me.I am 15 and got mine done a month ago, and at the moment i just have a little plain silver belly bar in so yes you can just get plain... Read More »

Should i get my belly button pierced ?

hmm iv done almost all my piercing myself beside my tounge so go for it, in the future u will thank me for being so sexxy with the belly button pierced