I just got four teeth pulled.?

Answer You should eat as soon as possible and try to drink as well. I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth out yesterday and they advised me to eat as soon as I could. But only really soft foods like pudding, ... Read More »

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Why Do Baby teeth need to be pulled if no adult teeth are present?

Baby teeth are a lot weaker than adult teeth. Even if there's no adult tooth to replace it, it'll usually crack and fail by itself eventually anyhow.

Had teeth pulled few months ago, can surrounding teeth move?

Yes, teeth can move quite quickly when a space is created like that. I have had the same thing happen. A space where a tooth was removed practically doesn't even exist anymore.

What happens if i get 4 teeth pulled?

In my opinion, getting teeth pulled doesn't really hurt. There's a dull throb afterward, but it's nothing to be afraid of at all.As for the consequences of pulling teeth, it can go either way. Most... Read More »

Getting teeth pulled?

Don't be worried about it at all.I got 11 teeth pulled out because of my mouth being so crowded. When i got my baby teeth pulled- i was numbed. When i got my adult- I had the gas and i was so much ... Read More »