I just got four teeth pulled.?

Answer You should eat as soon as possible and try to drink as well. I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth out yesterday and they advised me to eat as soon as I could. But only really soft foods like pudding, ... Read More »

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I just got all four wisdom teeth pulled. How long should I keep using gauze pads?

Well, you want to keep using the gauze pads until the bleeding stops. If you have a lot of bleeding for a long time, you might want to contact your dentist. When I had mine pulled, I was an idiot... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol a week after you get all four wisdom teeth pulled?

Only if you are not still on the painkillers the doctor prescribed.AnswerThere are certain types of painkillers or antibiotics where you cannot consume alcohol while taking them. Usually the pharma... Read More »

Having all four wisdom teeth pulled next thursday! Help!!!!?

Please don't be scared.I just got mine out yesterday!! No joke this is exactly how it went:They lay you all the way back and then they strap your legs down so that you don't kick them in your sleep... Read More »

How long will you be in pain if you had four impacted wisdome teeth and two other molars pulled?

Answer I just had my lower two impacted wisdom teeth removed and I'm 32 years old !! I would expect at least 7-10 days of swelling and soreness and mild bleeding to occur the first 24-48 hours af... Read More »