I just got braces today, I have a few questions?

Answer 1) Your gums are already tough so having braces doesn't seem to have an affect on them.2) It's not exactly harder to brush braces as opposed to when you didn't have them. It's just that it takes mo... Read More »

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Study them? Hun, all they have to do is do a short examination, then they put them on.

Braces wax: few questions?

no don't use it while eating cause the food with take the wax off and you will swallow it without knowing until the end. Sleeping is okay idk any alternatives to wax..This happened to me when i had... Read More »

Few Questions about Braces?

I got braces a couple months ago! Much improvement already. :)1. It usually takes an hour in a half, maybe add the time it takes for them to explain how you use your toothbrush, floss, etc. 2. It d... Read More »

Braces questions please help!?

1. You can take whatever pain relievers you want. Something like ibuprofen or Tylenol would work.2. You can eat pretty much the same things you always have. Some recommendations though are to stay ... Read More »