I just got bit by a spider. what should I do now?

Answer If you are certain it was a Brown Recluse, you need to get to the doctor ASAP and stop waiting. Many people are allergic to a Recluse's bite and the results can be terrible if you don't get it trea... Read More »

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I just got bit by a spider, help!?

Usually no big deal, just wash with soap and water and go on your way. it may itch for an hour or few.There are lots of spiders that have what looks like a violin on their back, but one, called the... Read More »

I was just bitten by a spider?

Ring 000 or nurse-on-call for questions if your worried

Is it a spider bite or just my sandals lol?

No, you didn't get bit by any spider. They are a bit like an ant sting or mild bee sting, and you are likely going to catch it in the act.Even the brown widow isn't going to bite unless you go trai... Read More »

Spider Bite What Should i Do?

You probably have gotten bitten by a common spider around your house, a natural home remedy to stop the itching would be cooking some oatmeal with hot water (not too much) and then put this in the ... Read More »