I just got back from a vacation and had a problem with security at the airport?

Answer 800 film will supposedly be ruined by TSA's x-ray machines, I would recommend you get them developed and hope for the best. Next time I would recommend you tell the officer at the metal detector t... Read More »

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How bad must the person feel who went on vacation to Mexico and than brought back the swine flu with them?

yeah, they probably got a gender change and a new name and moved to South America

How to Rent from Las Vegas Vacation Rentals For a Cost Effective Vacation?

If you're planning out your family excursion to Las Vegas and have a well apportioned budget, then you may want to think about the rewards of lodging off The Strip rather than in the middle of the ... Read More »

Should a software developer and/or information security specialist be familiar with a Mac just as with a PC?

Not necessarily, but since it's pretty easy to pick up it can only be beneficial to you. It could even increase your employ-ability. Perhaps you end up being a software developer that does a lot of... Read More »

What is the problem with my back?

Sounds like you may have pulled a muscle. Give it a couple of days, and if the pain gets worse, or doesn't go away, then maybe see your Dr. Also, try getting a good massage from time to time!