I just got an autographed guitar from coco jones on radio disney. i need some help any advice is welcome?

Answer We are not psychic. They ship when they ship.

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What is a RascalFlatts autographed guitar worth?

Rascal Flatts is an American country music band. Two Rascal Flatts autographed guitars sold on eBay in early 2010. The lower priced signed guitar sold on eBay for $299.99. The higher priced autogra... Read More »

Why did the Jonas Brothers have their music on Disney Channel and Radio Disney in 2006 and 2007?

They signed with Hollywood Records (Disney's parent record company) in February 2007.And I don't know why Disney wants music videos on their channel. Promoting the brand I assume.

Coco Pebbles Count Chocula Or Coco Puffs Which Chocolate Cereal u like better?

I have only had Coco Puffs! So i will choose them!

Disney World Advice!?

Professional advice is exactly what you want, so book a consultation with a travel agent.Don't believe all the advertising you hear. It can be cheaper to get an air & accommodation package, but no... Read More »