I just got all four wisdom teeth pulled. How long should I keep using gauze pads?

Answer Well, you want to keep using the gauze pads until the bleeding stops. If you have a lot of bleeding for a long time, you might want to contact your dentist. When I had mine pulled, I was an idiot... Read More »

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After the wisdom teeth are extracted how long should you bite down on the gauze?

Bite down on the gauze, changing it every 15-30 minutes, and when the gauze has just a pinkish tint to it (instead of the dark red blood you had been seeing), then the bleeding has slowed down enou... Read More »

How long till i can eat this again after wisdom teeth pulled?

i had mine out on a friday a few months ago, and i started eating regular after like 5-7 days

Wisdom teeth pulled, how long does pain last?

You can't really tell. Depends on the person. Mine lasted a good one and a half week.

How long are you normally numb after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled?

I just had my four pulled. I was numb from the novacaine for a couple hours afterwards but that also might be because he gave me another shot of it before I left so I could have time to recover som... Read More »