I just got a new customized pc, but the monitor is not working!?

Answer The amount of beeps tells exactly what it the problem is.The PC might be still set to a different high settings monitor, your old monitor is not able to display and refuses to work to protect itsel... Read More »

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Why is my monitor for my emachine no longer working it says no signal. i tried another monitor still nothing?

If you have tried two monitors and no signal then your video card has stopped working. you need to replace it.

My monitor isn't working :(?

Check all cable connections. Both cables, both ends.Is where you plug the moniter to the back of the computer loose?

My monitor stopped working?

Here is something I learned many, many, many years ago about testing cars, and it applies to computers also:When two things are connected and they don't work, disconnect them, and try one of them w... Read More »

Wtf my monitor isnt working,?

Restart your PC in Safe Mode (F8) and then, in the display settings, set the Screen Resolution to the resolution stated on the LCD Monitor Manufacturer's website. The Refresh rate must be 60 HZ.It... Read More »