I just fried some homemade spaghetti, what do you suggest I serve with it?

Answer salaams dear uncle...i love spaghetti and make a really good one myself given the proper ingredients.i would recommend that a good merlot goes very well this meal, although in the right company bee... Read More »

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What do I serve for dessert with a spaghetti supper?

try cheese cake! and put strawberries and what not on it!

Fried Chicken Fried Fish Fried Pork Chops or Stir Fried Vegetables Which from this list do u like better?

Fish, Pork chops, and veggiees. i outgrew cHICkenmonrin Scooter

How do you serve okra...other than fried of course, that's a given :)?

even though this is fried it's different I learned it from my grandma 30 yrs ago I make it when I find fresh okra. ~COUNTRY FRYED OKRA~ 1-cup thick sliced okra1-cup sliced potatoes 1-cup sliced ... Read More »

Fried Chicken Wings with Fries Spaghetti with Eggplant Parmigiana Or Sliced Turkey with Mashed Potatoes?

Lol, I love your end of the day questions:) Hmm...maybe Fried chicken wings with fries? lol, Goodnight:)