I just found this bag of herbs in my room called "Shaman's Smoke" What is it?

Answer A privately-owned company called Mountain Spirit, LLC advertises its product "Shamans Smoke" (apostrophe missing) as "Organic herbs that relax and aid meditational focusing." I'm sure many people a... Read More »

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How do you smoke medicinal herbs, do you just roll them like you do with weed?

Why smoke it? When you can make a tea from the herb mix instead. Smoking can cause damage to your respiratory system. You didn't say if you got it from a certified herbalist, nor what you need to u... Read More »

So I just found out I am 4 months pregnant and I smoke marlboro menthols. Is it safe to try to quilt now?

OhThumper I really think your enjoy quilting !!I know when we were pregernewt with our 1st one I was at about a pack a day. Then I took up quilting and guess what?The stress in the family went DOW... Read More »

How cool is this what i just found?

Very cool, I bet you will be needing it soon :)Oh Nikki thats brilliant :) :)

What is this weird bug I found in my living room carpet?