I just found this bag of herbs in my room called "Shaman's Smoke" What is it?

Answer A privately-owned company called Mountain Spirit, LLC advertises its product "Shamans Smoke" (apostrophe missing) as "Organic herbs that relax and aid meditational focusing." I'm sure many people a... Read More »

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If I smoke a pipe of weed in my room with the window open how bad will the room smell and how do I get rid of?

I used to get a long cardboard tube like the kind from a roll of wrapping paper or paper towels and exhale the smoke out the tube so that most of it went out well away from the window. Cover the p... Read More »

Were are herbs found?

They are plants... So... Growing on the ground?

Natural Herbs to Smoke in Place of Tobacco?

Whether you are someone who has never smoked before, or are a 10-year tobacco user looking for something to fill the void, there are herbal alternatives which may suit you. Numerous herbs are sold ... Read More »

What would happen if u were to smoke the herbs that are inside the tea bags?

No because when you drink something it gets into your blood stream and smokeing it will have a differant effect, it is absobed differantly. I don't think it will actally do anything to you apart fr... Read More »