I just found out that my boyfriend has hidden a camera in my room?

Answer What he's doing is a betrayal of your trust and also immoral and illegal. You really should contact the police.

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Hidden Spy Camera and mic found in my pc - help!?

Run Yahoo! Anti-Spy it should be on the Yahoo! taskbar. Begin scan / remove all / yes / done / close.Next do a system restore to a point before the problem started. Go to Start / All Programs / Acc... Read More »

Just found out my crush likes me but I'm 13 never had a boyfriend HELP?

so here is my kinda relationship- Laughing around, hanging out along with other friends, talk to each other often and get to know each other, hold hands, maybe a few pecks etc etc. now a few people... Read More »

I just found this bag of herbs in my room called "Shaman's Smoke" What is it?

A privately-owned company called Mountain Spirit, LLC advertises its product "Shamans Smoke" (apostrophe missing) as "Organic herbs that relax and aid meditational focusing." I'm sure many people a... Read More »

What is the smallest hidden spy camera that exists?

The Micro Cam Stick from is a serious contender for the world's smallest hidden spy camera. With 4 GBs of internal memory and small enough to fit into a pack of chewing gum, the Micro ... Read More »