I just found an old X-7A Minolta camera. Tell me everything about it you can!?

Answer Its such a mystery at the beginning isn't it. But such fun to figure out.… the first link at the bottom click where it says:CLICK ... Read More »

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I just found my boss' wife on an online porn site, should I pay the $20 or just tell him?

Did you make up that question? If you're serious, don't say anything to him. He'll wonder why you're there, in the first place. And he may already know about it but is embarrassed. It's never a goo... Read More »

Can a Minolta AF 70-210 Zoom lens work on a Minolta digital camera?

Hello i just bought my canon 7d..everything is great..what i found that the viewfinder is bit grainy?

".....i searched it and found most people says its grainy when there is no battery in it........" Are these "most people" brain dead? Really. * The viewfinder on a 7D is optical and no ba... Read More »

Ok, so just a couple of mins ago i posted a about what to do with a pitbull i found...well it just bit me...?

You should call the police dept first, or animal control to take care of the dog. Then you should go to the emergency room to have the doctor take a look at that bite. Even though its small, they c... Read More »