I just eaten about an hour ago......why am I still hungry?

Answer well, you need to remember that you're eating for 2 now.;)

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Im really hungry, and dinner is like an hour away. My mom wont let me eat but i cant wait an hour!! Wsid!?

Drink something. Milk will fill you up or have some sweet tea or something with sugar in it. If all else fails, drink some water.

What can be eaten if hungry all the time?

Make sure the carbs you eat are complex or high in fiber (obviously don't eat too much fiber or suffer bloating/gas).Helpful links.

Reverse munchies never hungry while high, but hungry while drunk?

I was the exact same way. People always said they got the munchies and although I could have eaten, I chose not to. The idea of food did not interest me while I was stoned but when I was drunk I wo... Read More »

Should you eat only when you're hungry or should you eat at regular intervals so that you dont feel hungry?

My advice is to eat between five to six meals per day. By eating smaller portions of food more often you will feel less hungry in between meals and not deprived. When people only eat, let’s say, ... Read More »