I just drank half a liter of year old!?

Answer 1. Notify the convenience store. That stuff needs to be pulled right away! (actually, a year ago, but anyway...)Here's what I found. "Symptoms would be equal to food poisoning. Food poisoning lasts... Read More »

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What would happen if i drank liter fluid?

Throat burns , stomach burns , all sorts of damage to your body. My advice is DON'T DO IT ............

Anyone ever drank a 2 liter bottle of Soda in one sitting?

I've never even drank a 12 oz. can of soda in one sitting dear... I'm a lightweight...

I drank a two liter bottle of diet coke today is it safe?

don't forget to pee. you should be fine. and i wouldn't recommend making a habit of that much soda intake

Is it a problem that I drank a half gallon or so of fish tank water when I started siphoning it?

ha ha, man why didn't you just blow back out, or hold your thumb over the end, or just pick up the end? Anything to just stop the water and start again afterwords? Oh well, to late. I would have th... Read More »