I just drank expired chocolate milk..?

Answer um yeah... I mean it is expired. My sister got sick from drinking expired milk. It wasn't so bad...but still

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Can I drink expired chocolate milk?

that date probably does NOT say expired.I bet it says best if used by...And it will probably also say "will remain wholesome for up to a week after this date"Basically if milk is spoiled, it will t... Read More »

I drank expired OJ please help!?

You will be fine. If it wasn't good anymore, it would have tasted funny or even disgusting and it would have had mold on the bottle or carton opening, which I assume it did not. Todays foods and dr... Read More »

I drank expired iced tea?

i doubt you'll get sick. There's nothing really that can spoil in iced tea.

Just drank some expired cough/cold medicine?

I think that most likely the worst thing to happen is that the medicine will not work on your symptoms because the active ingredients are inactive.