I just drank a ton of vodka what do i do?

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Can you make Skittles Vodka with something other than just plain vodka?

Of course you can use flavored vodka, watermelon, strawberry would all be good choices. Skittles are so sweet and flavorful you don't really taste the vodka anyways

If I drank vodka without juice would the alcohol hit me faster?

The thing about the orange juice is that it masks some of the vodka taste so you don't really notice until it's too late, but with the vodka straight up you realize quicker. However diluting it cou... Read More »

Just drank soda what will happen to me?

No, you will be perfectly fine. Everything is fine in moderation.

I just drank my own urine by accident. what will happen to me?

i do not understand how this can happen accidentally... but nothing will happen, no side effects, no nothing... your body will re-absorb water and salts from urine, re-process it and send it back t... Read More »