I just drank a tall glass of spoiled milk! D: Will I be ok!?

Answer How long has it been expired for? I remember I drank some expired chocolate milk that was expired for a day, but I was fine because it wasn't that bad. If it has been expired for a while, you'll pr... Read More »

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I just drank a tall cold glass of lemonade and it made me MORE thirsty, am I pregnint?

I told you I would plant my seed in you! Muahahaha.....

I just drank expired chocolate milk..?

um yeah... I mean it is expired. My sister got sick from drinking expired milk. It wasn't so bad...but still

What will ingesting spoiled Almond Milk do to you?

I just drank half a liter of year old!?

1. Notify the convenience store. That stuff needs to be pulled right away! (actually, a year ago, but anyway...)Here's what I found. "Symptoms would be equal to food poisoning. Food poisoning lasts... Read More »