I just drank a beer from the bottle! ~ Does that make me sexy or what?

Answer YOU MAKE ME PROUD! I will be your huckleberry!

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Have you ever drank Wine from the bottle like it was a beer?

not in over a decade and a half I haven't. that said, I never really like wine. while still a drinker, I was always more of a Canadian Club man...

My Grandfather Franklin Lyle Taylor drank Paps beer when he was younger serving in the military during the 50s stationed from Cleveland Ohio so is that Company Irish and does it still exist?

The Pabst brewery is still operating and is an American company.

Why does beer taste so much better from a bottle than from a can(or tin if you prefer)...?

Findings from blind tastings found no preference of bottled beer over canned beer. Of course the canned beer was from quality made modern cans and not circa dinosaur era cans. Beer from a tap becom... Read More »

I never really drank beer or smoked, and intend to keep it that way...?

Just volunteer to be the designated driver...They'll love you.